Starting out…

Hi there,

Well, this is my first post in what will hopefully be an interesting adventure into the world of teacher librarianship.

I have a lot to learn and will need to carefully manage my time to ensure I get the most out of the experience, but I am looking forward to it. No one is making me do it, I’m doing because I want to so the motivation is there.

Really looking forward to learning in a wholly online format and the technologies that go with that. Almost everything is becoming available in online formats these days and I feel this is an area I need to get more up to speed with. I’m not naturally a tech savvy person but I’ve got little doubt the content of this particular course, and its delivery, will help to change that.

As for the role of a teacher librarian specifically, I personally think it is a role that has become undervalued a little lately, but one that has huge potential. I’ll reflect more on that in later posts though.

Bye for now…


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2 Responses to Starting out…

  1. KJ says:

    Hi There,
    I think we are all feeling a little nervous! I look forward to reading everyone’s blogs and posts on the forum to get to know everyone a bit more! Good luck!

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