Future library collections

With ETL503 just about finished, I thought I’d post my thoughts on the future of library collections. Well, at least one aspect of them anyway.

Check out the link to the Yarra Libraries Strategic Plan. Available via the link below:


Obviously this is not a piece of academic literature, nor does it relate to school libraries specifically, but instead the public libraries within Melbourne’s City of Yarra. I found it interesting and there were aspects of it that resonated with me and the way I see future school library collections evolving in the decade ahead.

Of course there is reference to purchasing more electronic resources and related communication technologies. This is to be expected and, as we have seen throughout this unit, this is where a strong focus for just about any school library should be.

I also noted the strategic plan’s reference to continuing to develop the library as a community meeting place, where technology can be accessed, community information sourced and public events held.

This seems to be an area public libraries are getting more and more involved in. At my local public library alone there is a gallery that displays the work of local artists. This display changes about every six weeks, with a new artist (or art collection) featured each time. There are also regular one-off community events, as well as regular events, especially for parents and their children. For example, ‘Baby Karaoke’ every Friday morning.

Now, obviously not all of these events relate to the library collection itself. However, quite often a library’s collection of electronic resources (as well as physical resources) are used to help facilitate such events. I know this to be the case at the university near where I live.

Libraries these days really are becoming community hubs (if not already). In my view, most school libraries will take an approach similar to Yarra Libraries and aim to continue to grow in this role and their future collections will be geared to ensure this developing role is supported.

As earlier stated, I acknowledge that I have only really approached this from one aspect of future collection development, but it is the area I am most excited by. It’s what has driven me to want to become a teacher-librarian as much as anything, and to ultimately study this course.

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