What is leadership? – My understanding.

I have recently commenced the unit ETL504 Teacher Librarian as Leader. We have been asked to give our own early understanding/definition of what leadership is, and how we demonstrate it in our school. I respond to this as follows:

To me leadership occurs whenever one person influences a group of others. It can in a negative way (poor leadership) or a positive way (good leadership). It is something that is seen everyday in the workplace, out socially, at the family home, etc, etc. The decision to show leadership can be a conscious one or a sub-conscious one. Leadership can be seen with a school principal addressing a staff meeting, or a whole school assembly, and outlining a future plan. Likewise, a parent modelling good behaviour (consciously or sub-consciously) to children at home is also a form of leadership in my mind.

While I am not currently working as a teacher, the broad nature of leadership and my understanding of it means that no matter what I am doing I have opportunity to be a leader every day. When I was teaching I certainly saw the need and opportunity to demonstrate leadership each day, in the presence of students and/or staff, in what I said and how I behaved. I continue to be conscious of this as a parent and in any other work/social situation I find myself in.


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One Response to What is leadership? – My understanding.

  1. Rainee says:

    Interesting topic and I enjoyed your insight. I am a course leader in U3A (University of the Third Age) and their philosophy is to share leadership with the participants – I like that 🙂

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