INF506: First entry (my first thoughts on the unit ahead).

(a) Define what social networking is (in your own words):

Anything involving people coming together is social in my view. However, when we talk of conferences and meetings in the physical environment we don’t generally talk about these as social networking opportunities. We simply refer to them as networking opportunities. The “social” aspect of it these days seems to refer to media-based networking opportunities. I do think that social networking has come to mean interactive media-based networking. The bringing together of people in a virtual environment, as opposed to a physical one.

(b) List what social networking technologies and sites you already use (for personal, work and study purposes):

High use (every day or so):
The social networking site I most use is Twitter. I find this to be an excellent site to obtain news as it happens. I am also a big user of YouTube.

Medium use (every week or so):
I use Evernote. A note making and sharing social networking program. I don’t tend to share the notes I make with others though. I tend to use this program to make and organise personal study notes.

Low use (every month or so):
I did use Facebook for a while a few years ago, but closed my account. I didn’t use it much. I have reopened an account for use in the completion of this unit, INF506. Also a requirement of my studies is the creation and ongoing development of this blog. Naturally I expect both my blog and Facebook usage to rise greatly in the weeks ahead.

(c) Describe what you expect to learn from completing INF506:

I’m not a big social networker. However, I do recognise the great power of social networking. Whether it be for personal or work-related connections, social networking is here to stay. It’s ever-evolving too. I need to better understand what different forms are out there, how to use them, and to be better informed as to how they might be able to benefit me and others.


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